Using linearTransformation (Shock Wave)

Click here to open a new window with this Shock Wave Lite Applet. Resize the new window and arrange your desktop so you can move-back-and-forth between these two windows.

The new window shows all the possible elements in the linearTransformations display. As a curriculum developer you can choose to omit some of these elements to simplify the display. This Shock Wave Lite Applet enables users to study two dimensional linear transformations of the form y = Ax or systems of two equations in two unknowns of the form Ax = b visually.

You can specify various elements of the display using the parameters described below.


Part of the code calling this lite interactive component is shown below. Notice that the parameters must be entered twice in different forms. Each form is recognized by some but not all browsers. The relevant code is highlighted in red and in blue. Be careful to enter the parameters as shown. We recommend that you copy the code from one of the examples below and edit the appropriate entries.


To use this lite interactive component download linearTransformation.dcr and place it in the same directory (folder) as the html files in which it appears. Follow the procedure for downloading and saving a file from your browser.