Authoring Online Interactive Materials in Mathematics
Information on Workshop

This workshop is part of the Mathematical Association of America PREP Workshop Program for Summer 2003. It will be held online July 14-18, 2003. Support for this workshop is provided by NSF Grant DUE 0089005.

This online workshop is for participants with a basic background in web page construction who want to create interactive online learning materials in mathematics. Participants should apply in teams of two or more, and team members should plan to be at the same physical location during the workshop. Before the workshop, the team should agree on the project to be developed.

A particular focus will be on adapting a suite of flexible applets for use by the participants in their projects. These applets have been developed by a team led by Frank Wattenberg as part of the Mathematical Sciences Digital Library (MathDL) project. See the article Lite Applets by Wattenberg, Stewart, and Alejandre in Volume 2 of the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA). Also, one of the teams from last year's workshop has published their workshop as a module in JOMA Volume 3. This module, Estimating the Area of Virginia, uses one of the Lite Applets.

Teams will be provided with the communication software necessary for workshop participation and will be receive financial support for the purchase of pre-approved software relevant to their project. During the workshop, each team will create and demonstrate online interactive materials with the help of the workshop directors and the other participants.

A similar workshop was run by the same leaders last summer. Click here to see the web site for that workshop.

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