Authoring Online Interactive Materials in Mathematics

Logisitics and Software

Check back here frequently -- we will post new information as it becomes available. In particular, information about free software is coming soon. What follows is information about software you need to purchase (at our expense).

See below for update, 6/5/02.

Software -- Important!

We will use four software packages, two of which are free (and downloadable from the Web), and two of which have to be purchased. Each team has a software budget of $650. You are responsible for purchasing and installing Maple and Dreamweaver, for which more details are given below. Please send your receipts to

Gretchen Brown
Mathematical Association of America
1529 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-1385

You will be reimbursed up to your $650 limit. Please let us know right away if you run into any problems with purchase and or installation.

Maple versions: We will be using Version 7, and we can deal with files from Version 6 if you happen to have that already installed. Version 8 has just been released. We don't know any reason not to use it, but we have no experience with it. If you acquire Version 8, we suggest that you do not use features labeled "new" until after the workshop. That way, we should be able to run your files in our Version 7 if necessary.

Dreamweaver version: The current version is 4, and that should be what you find available for purchase. DW 4 is also packaged with other Macromedia products, such as Fireworks and Flash, usually with attractive combined prices.

Update 6/5/02: One of our participants, Gary Lange, has done some research on Dreamweaver MX and found the following:

So, it seems that MX would be an appropriate substitution for 4.0. Also, the academic discount price for the MX Bundle is actually cheapest from Macromedia ( -- the bundle of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, and Flash is $199.00.

In the workshop we expect to use only Dreamweaver (not the other products), and only features in 4.0 that we are already familiar with. However, if you expect to have uses for the other products (check the Macromedia site to see what they do), consider this option.

Where to buy: All participants should qualify for "faculty" and/or "academic" pricing. These terms vary in meaning among academic resellers, but you should not have to pay list price for either product. Start with your on-campus sources -- either or both products may be site-licensed, which might make them free or very inexpensive. If not, your campus bookstore or computer store should have attractive prices. We provide here some web-based sources that you may use for comparison or actual purchase. Note that shipping prices vary -- at some sites shipping is "free" (i.e., included in the price).

Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive -- feel free to do your own search. We have no experience with any of these companies and do not endorse any of them as sources. As usual on the Web, caveat emptor.

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Revised 6/4/02