Notes on Last Week’s Meeting


We had a lively two-day meeting. New participants this year were:

You may check the web site for the meeting:

There you will find a complete list of participants, a relatively accurate copy of the schedule, links to the "final" taxonomy, and a link to the group’s wiki site.

During the business session on Saturday we decided on the following:

  1. The name for the group will be Mathematical Sciences Conference Group on Digital Educational Resources.
  2. Lang Moore will be the chair of the group for the next year.
  3. We tentatively agreed on the core taxonomy proposed by Kurt Cogswell, Terry Herera, Russ Herman, Gene Klotz, Brandon Muramatsu, and Robby Robson. The document is posted on the meeting web site; comments may be made on the wiki site

    The taxonomy will become "official" as of March 1, unless the committee listed above decides that there are serious objections. Once this happens, we will work toward enabling federated searching with the help of the SMETE Open Federation (SOF).

  5. We will begin to look at other taxonomies: hardware/software, learning style, target group, etc.
  6. Lang is encouraged to seek supplementary NSF funding to support a meeting of the Group next year, the work on additional taxonomies, and the efforts of SOF on our behalf.
  7. There was no support for the workshop proposal circulated prior to the meeting.