Problems and Issues with Math Gateway

From MAA Workshop on Digital Libraries

October 6-8, 2006


Problem with the Registration Page. There is no response when the information is submitted. The user needs some response to know that the registration has been accepted.

Problems with the Edit My Details page.

Changes in the user’s address are not accepted.

MAA # is not accepted

Selection of Education Levels of Interest are not accepted.

When the page is edited, there is no response to the submission.

Problems with the Search

Most, if not all, resources returned in a Search are listed twice. (Try searching over calculus and look at the results.)

Problems with Content Highlights

Highlighted content does not open in a Math Gateway frame. This means that this content cannot be bookmarked when opened from the Content Highlights.

The first highlighted content, The Linear Algebra Behind Search Engines, is attributed to MERLOT. It is actually a JOMA article.

Problems with My Library

It is hard to tell where you are. The Name of the My Library page you are looking at does not appear anywhere.

If you click on Home while looking at someone else’s My Library page, you are taken to your home page. It doesn’t make sense that thie link should be active. It would be better to use that line to name the My Library page.

Problems with NSDL Listing of MathDL Materials

Very few of our resources are listed. Try searching over “Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications”. Hardly any resources are there.

Enter “classroom capsules”. None of the capsules are listed.

Try searching over “three views of square symmetry”, an article in Digital Classroom Resources. The article is found by the NSDL search. But the link does not go to the resource. The link as listed is
The actual link is
Notice that the problem is that the faulty link starts “” whereas it should start with “” I suspect that the problem is with our OAI server. Many DCR resources cannot be found at all. For example try “the gutter problem”.

Many Convergence articles cannot be found. Try searching over “purse of denari”.

Many Capsules cannot be found. Try searching over “stacking ellipses”.


 Enable bookmarking of materials found by linking from search pages.

The name of the document should appear when a resource is bookmarked, not the url.

The Firefox open link in new tab option does not work in Math Gateway. This should be enabled.

Somehow we should distinguish between bookmarking in MathDL and bookmarking in Math Gateway for Gateway search results in MathDL brought up in the Gateway frame. 



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Revised: 10/09/06