Minicourse Instructions

Authoring Materials for the
Mathematical Sciences Digital Library

14th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Baltimore, Maryland, November 3, 2001

  1. Create a directory called ICTCM at the top level of the hard drive.
  2. Start Netscape or Internet Explorer, and go to

    Scroll down to Web Pages for Workshops and Minicourses, and click on Authoring Materials for the Mathematical Sciences Digital Library.

  4. Download the course materials: Left click on ICTCM2001 zip file, and choose Open this file. In WinZip, choose Extract and put all the files in the ICTCM Directory.
  5. Start Microsoft Word, and open the file text.doc. We will examine this file to see what is in it.
  6. Save the file as an HTML page: Click on File and Save As . Under Save as type, select HTML Document. (This is toward the bottom of the list of options.) You can accept the default name of text, but add the extension .html. (So, now you are saving the file as text.html.)
  7. Start Dreamweaver. There should be an icon on the desktop. If not, look for it in Start, Programs, Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.
  8. In Dreamweaver, open the file text.html. You should see a browser version of the file and the source code at the same time. (If not, go to View and click Code and Design.) We will examine the HTML source code and discuss features of the HTML page:
  1. Start Maple, and open the Maple file logistic.mws. Follow the "execute" instructions in the file to generate graphic images. Save this file as a web page with associated graphical images: File, Save As , Save as type, HTML Source. Use the name logistic.html, and save the images in the default directory images.
  2. In Dreamweaver, open the file animate.html. This file uses Javascript to create an animation from the graphical images created in the preceding step.


Revised 11/3/01