About the Connected Curriculum Project

The Connected Curriculum Project is a coordinated effort to create interactive learning environments for a wide range of mathematics and mathematically-based applications. Our goal is to produce materials that combine the flexibility and connectivity of the Web with the power of computer algebra systems. This work currently involves faculty at Arizona, Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, Duke University, Montana State University, Hewlett Packard, and Weber State University and is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, DUE-9555407.

The component of this effort coordinated by faculty at Duke has centered around the development of modular units that may be used as lab activities for courses beyond calculus -- linear algebra, differential equations, and engineering mathematics -- as well as for individual study. These materials are revisions and extensions of interactive modules for these courses created for individual computer algebra systems (Mathcad, Mathematica, and Maple) with the support of NSF grant DUE-9352889. This activity itself followed from the NSF-supported Project CALC development of materials for a reformed calculus course.

This history is reflected in the current state of this site. However, we anticipate expanding to a library of reviewed, edited, and tested materials covering mathematics at the secondary and undergraduate levels and including a wide range of applications.

See our sister sites at Cal Poly and Montana State and also read about our authors.

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