Duke University Math Meet

Duke Math Meet

Duke Math Meet (DMM) is a regional mathematics competition for high school students held at Duke University every year. The contest is organized by the members of the Duke University Mathematics Union (DUMU), and is sponsored by the mathematics department. The DMM lasts for one day from morning to afternoon, during which the students have fun solving challenging mathematics problems, while making many new friends with contestants from other schools and states.

Date and place of the meet

The math meet will occur on Saturday November 12, 2016

See Duke Math Meet for current information on registration.

News and Updates

09/25/15 -- Registration for 2015-2016 math meet is now open.

10/27/14 -- Registration for 2014-2015 math meet is now closed.

09/18/14 -- Registration for 2014-2015 math meet is now open.

01/03/14 -- Registration for 2013-2014 math meet is now open.

09/02/12 -- Registration for 2012 math meet is now open.

08/28/12 -- Duke Math Meet for 2012 is scheduled for November 10, 2012

09/21/11 -- Registration is now open for 2011 Duke Math Meet.

09/05/11 -- Duke Math Meet for 2011 is scheduled for November 12, 2011

11/22/10 -- Thanks everyone for a great 2010 MathMeet, the photos are up, and problem solutions will be too, shortly.

10/06/10 -- The registration for 2010 is now up.

11/01/09 -- The 2009 Problems are up.

11/21/08 -- Photos of the 2008 contest has been posted. Thanks everyone.

11/24/08 -- Problems and answers have been posted for the 2008 contest. A few videos have been posted as well.