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Guest Lecture: Ken Ono

Please join us for our guest lecture series, details here

DUMU interest meeting

First meeting of the year, where we will talk about upcoming events and organize the Duke Math Meet, and problem solving seminar. (Free pizza)


First Math 281S Class (Time TBD)

This is a fun, half-credit seminar directed towards students interested in honing their mathematical problem-solving skills. It covers the fundamentals of mathematical problem-solving through weekly lectures and challenging problem sets. A pizza dinner is provided for all participants. Please email Ivan Matic (matic@ math.duke.edu) and Daniel Vitek (drv7@duke.edu) for more information and for a copy of the First problem set. You should submit solutions to the first problem set by 2 pm on Sunday, September 4, outside Prof. Kraines's office in Physics 211.


Freshman Social (East Campus)

Come and enjoy free food in the company of your fellow DUMU students! This annual social is an excellent time for freshmen to meet like-minded peers and ask upperclassmen about classes, internships, research, etc.


Virginia Tech Math Meet

A proof-based competition open to all undergraduates that provides good practice for the Putnam. All participants are treated to a free lunch at a local restaurant. Winners even get small cash prizes.


Duke Math Meet

Perhaps DUMU's biggest event of the year, the Duke Math Meet is a well-recognized contest that attracts high school students all across the east coastfrom New Jersey to Alabama. We need lots of student volunteers to help out with this event. Volunteers may be asked to escort teams to rooms across campus, grade papers, and manage other logistics. All volunteers will be provided a free lunch and a free T-shirt. Feel free to email Joe Keefer (joe.keefer@duke.edu) and TongTong Zhan (tongtong.zhan@duke.edu) if you would like more information or you would like to volunteer.

TBD 2013

Guest Lecture



Putnam Competition

A very challenging math competition that takes up the better part of the day. But, the experience of having to solve such problems in a competition situation, coupled with the fame you get if you do well, makes the experience well worth the time.

Saturday December 2, 2013