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Support Information

Funding from the NSF will allow us to provide a limited amount of support (for lodging expenses) to qualified participants who do not have their own grants. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THOSE PERSONS WHO HAVE REGISTERED, AND WHOSE CHECKS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED, BY THE DEADLINE OF March 7 WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR SUPPORT.

Support for lodging expenses for eligible attendees is only available for a maximum of two nights per person.

It is not possible to guarantee the amount of support that will be available, since this depends on the number of requests from qualified participants. We hope to be able to cover the cost of double occupancy lodging for anyone without a grant who registers by the deadline of March 7. If the number of registrants exceeds our estimates, we will have to request a small additional payment from those who qualify for support upon their arrival.

Visas and Support

Unfortunately, due to tightening of both Federal and university regulations concerning the disbursement of NSF funds, we have been told that we will have to be very careful about documenting our support of non-US citizens.

All non-US citizens must show the required visa documentation in order to have their hotel and/or travel expenses paid for. US citizens must furnish Social Security Number and home address. Legal resident aliens must present their green card. Other foreign nationals must show proof of one of the following visa types:

We will also need to see your passport with visa stamps.

Unless you are a US citizen, have a green card, or have one of the above-mentioned visas, you will be required to pay for the hotel before you can check in.

Robert Bryant (bryant@math.duke.edu))

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