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XVIIIth Annual Geometry Festival

Previous Geometry Festival Speakers

1985 at Penn:

  • Marcel Berger
  • Pat Eberlein
  • Jost Eschenburg
  • Friedrich Hirzebruch
  • Blaine Lawson
  • Leon Simon
  • Scott Wolpert
  • Deane Yang

1986 at Maryland:

  • Uwe Abresch, "Explicit constant mean curvature tori"
  • Zhi-yong Gao, "The existence of negatively Ricci curved metrics"
  • David Hoffman, "New results in the global theory of minimal surfaces"
  • Jack Lee, "Conformal geometry and the Yamabe problem"
  • Ngai-ming Mok, "Compact Kähler manifolds of non-negative curvature"
  • John Morgan, "Self dual connections and the topology of 4-manifolds"
  • Chuu-lian Terng, "Submanifolds with flat normal bundle"

1987 at Penn:

  • Robert Bryant, "The construction of metrics with exceptional holonomy"
  • Francis Bonahon, "Hyperbolic 3-manifolds with arbitrarily short geodesics"
  • Keith Burns, "Geodesic flows on the 2-sphere"
  • Andreas Floer, "Instantons and Casson's invariant"
  • Hermann Karcher, "Embedded minimal surfaces in the 3-sphere"
  • Jürgen Moser, "Minimal foliations of tori"
  • Ed Witten. "Applications of quantum field theory to topology"

1988 at North Carolina:

  • Detlef Gromoll, "On complete spaces of non-negative Ricci curvature"
  • Nicolas Kapouleas, "Constant mean curvature surfaces in E3"
  • Robert Osserman, "Gauss map of complete minimal surfaces"
  • Pierre Pansu, "Lp-cohomology of negatively curved manifolds"
  • Peter Petersen, "Bounding homotopy types by geometry"
  • Gang Tian, "Kähler-Einstein metrics on quasiprojective manifolds"
  • DaGang Yang, "Some new examples of manifolds of positive Ricci curvature"
  • Wolfgang Ziller, "Recent results on Einstein metrics"

1989 at Stony Brook:

  • Eugenio Calabi, "Extremal singular metrics on surfaces"
  • Harold Donnelly, "Nodal sets of eigenfunctions on Riemannian manifolds"
  • Yasha Eliashberg, "Symplectic geometric methods in several complex variables"
  • Thomas Farrell, "A topological analogue of Mostow's rigidity theorem"
  • Lesley Sibner, "Solutions to Yang-Mills equations which are not self-dual"
  • Carlos Simpson, "Moduli spaces of representations of fundamental groups"

1990 at Maryland:

  • Michael T. Anderson, "Behavior of metrics under Ricci curvature bounds"
  • Kevin Corlette, "Harmonic maps and geometric superrigidity"
  • Kenji Fukaya, "Fundamental groups of almost non-negatively curved manifolds"
  • Misha Gromov, "Recent progress in symplectic geometry"
  • Werner Müller, "On spectral theory for locally symmetric manifolds with finite volume"
  • Rick Schoen, "Least area problems for Lagrangian submanifolds"
  • Gudlaugur Thorbergsson, "Isoparametric submanifolds and their Tits buildings"
  • Shing-Tung Yau, "Some theorems in Kähler geometry"

1991 at Duke:

  • Jeff Cheeger, "Transgressed Euler classes of SL(2n,Z)-bundles and adiabatic limits of eta-invariants"
  • Chris Croke, "Volumes of balls in manifolds without conjugate points and rigidity of geodesic flows"
  • Carolyn Gordon, "When you can't hear the shape of a manifold"
  • Wu-Yi Hsiang, "Sphere packing and spherical geometry: The Kepler conjecture and beyond"
  • Alan Nadel, "On the geometry of Fano varieties"
  • Grigori Perelman, "Alexandrov's spaces with curvature bounded from below"
  • Stefan Stolz, "On the space of positive curvature metrics modulo diffeomorphisms"

1992 at NYU/Courant:

  • Jonathan Block, "Aperiodic tilings, positive scalar curvature and other homological phenomena"
  • John Franks, "Infinitely many closed geodesics on the 2-sphere"
  • Karsten Grove, "The inevitable presence of singular spaces in Riemannian geometry"
  • Lisa Jeffrey, "Volumes of moduli spaces of flat connections on Riemannian surfaces"
  • Jun Li, "Anti-self-dual connections on SU(2) bundles over algebraic surfaces"
  • Dusa McDuff, "Symplectic 4-manifolds"
  • Clifford Taubes, "Anti-self dual conformal structures in 4 dimensions"

1993 at Penn:

  • Shing-Shen Chern, "Finsler geometry"
  • Richard Hamilton, "An isoperimetric estimate for the curve-shrinking flow"
  • Vaughan Jones, "Loop groups and operator algebras"
  • Claude LeBrun, "Compact Kähler manifolds of constant scalar curvature"
  • Louis Nirenberg, "The maximum principle and related things"
  • Xiaochun Rong, "Collapsing in low dimensions and rationality of geometric invariants"
  • I. M. Singer, "Geometry and quantum field theory"

1995 at Stony Brook:

  • Dimitri Burago, "Asymptotic geometry of Zn-periodic metrics"
  • Tobias Colding, "Ricci curvature and convergence"
  • Dominic Joyce, "Compact Riemannian manifolds with exceptional holonomy groups"
  • Yael Karshon, "Hamiltonian torus actions"
  • David Morrison, "Analogues of Seiberg-Witten invariants for counting curves on Calabi-Yau manifolds"
  • Tom Mrowka, "The Seiberg-Witten equations and 4-manifold topology"
  • Yongbin Ruan, "Higher genus pseudo-holomorphic curves"
  • Edward Witten, "Monopoles and four-manifolds"

1996 at Maryland:

  • J. Baez, "Quantum gravity and BF theory in 4 dimensions"
  • Jean-Luc Brylinski, "Gauge groups and reciprocity laws on algebraic varieties"
  • Bruce Kleiner, "Spaces of nonpositive curvature"
  • G. Margulis, "Quantitative Oppenheim Conjecture"
  • S. P. Novikov, "Laplace and Darboux transformations"
  • Richard Schwartz, "The Devil's Pentagram"
  • Guofong Wei, "Volume comparison with integral curvature bounds"
  • Shmuel Weinberger, "Equivariant rigidity: For and against"

1997 at Duke:

  • Jeanne Nielsen Clelland , "Geometry of Conservation Laws for Parabolic PDE's"
  • Anatole Katok , "Rigidity and invariant geometric structures for differentiable group actions"
  • François Labourie , "Monge-Ampere problems, holomorphic curves and laminations"
  • Gang Liu, "Floer Homology and the Arnold Conjecture"
  • William Minicozzi, "Harmonic functions on manifolds"
  • Lorenz Schwachhöfer, "The classification of irreducible holonomies of torsion free connections"
  • Matthias Schwarz, "Symplectic fixed points and quantum cohomology"
  • Stephen Semmes, "Geometry with little smoothness"

1998 at Stony Brook:

  • Scott Axelrod, "Generalized Chern-Simons invariants as a generalized Lagrangian field theory"
  • Jean-Michel Bismut, "Chern-Simons classes, Bott Chern classes and analytic torsion"
  • Spencer Bloch, "Algebro-geometric Chern-Simons classes"
  • Robert Bryant, "Recent progress on the holonomy classification problem"
  • Robert Bryant (for S.-S. Chern), "Recent results and open problems in Finsler geometry"
  • Jeff Cheeger and Blaine Lawson, "The mathematical work of James Simons"
  • Jeff Cheeger, "Ricci Curvature"
  • Jürg Fröhlich, "Physics and the Chern-Simons form (from anomalies to the quantum Hall effect to magnetic stars)"
  • Mikhail Gromov, "Dynamics on function spaces"
  • Maxim Kontsevich, "On regulators, critical values and q-factorials"
  • Blaine Lawson, "Connections and singularities of maps"
  • Robert MacPherson, "Spaces with torus actions"
  • John Milnor, "Remarks on geometry and dynamics"
  • I.M. Singer, TBA
  • Dennis Sullivan "A combinatorial model for non-linearity"
  • Clifford Taubes, "Seiberg-Witten invariants, harmonic forms, and their pseudo-holomorphic curves"
  • Gang Tian, "Yang-Mills connections and calibration"
  • C.-N. Yang, "Vector potentials and connections"
  • S.-T. Yau, "Mirror symmetry and rational curves"

1999 at Penn:

  • Peter Sarnak, "Some spectral problems on negatively curved manifolds"
  • Zheng-xu He, "The gradient flow for the Möbius energy of knots"
  • Curtis McMullen, "The moduli space of Riemann surfaces is Kähler-hyperbolic"
  • Paul Biran, "Lagrange skeletons and symplectic rigidity"
  • Helmut Hofer, Holomorphic curves and contact geometry"
  • Werner Ballmann, "On negative curvature and the essential spectrum of geometric operators"
  • Shlomo Sternberg, "Multiplets of representations and Kostant's Dirac operator"

2000 at Maryland:

  • Samuel Ferguson, "The Kepler Conjecture"
  • Robert Meyerhoff, "Rigorous computer-aided proofs in the theory of hyperbolic 3-manifolds"
  • Herman Gluck, "Geometry, topology and plasma physics"
  • Burkhard Wilking, "New examples of manifolds with positive sectional curvature almost everywhere"
  • John Roe, "Amenability and assembly maps"
  • Eleny Ionel, "Gromov invariants of symplectic sums"
  • Mikhail Gromov, "Spaces of holomorphic maps"

2001 at Northeastern:

  • Robert Bryant, "Rigidity and quasirigidity of extremal cycles in Hermitian symmetric spaces"
  • Tobias Colding, "Embedded minimal surfaces in 3-manifolds"
  • Boris Dubrovin, "Normal forms of integrable PDE's"
  • John Lott, "Heat equation methods in noncommutative geometry"
  • Dusa McDuff, "Seminorms on the Hamiltonian group and the nonsqueezing theorem"
  • Rick Schoen, "Variational approaches to the construction minimal lagrangian submanifolds"
  • Shing-Tung Yau, "Mirror symmetry"

2002 at the Courant Institute of the Mathematical Sciences:

  • Denis Auroux, "Singular plane curves and topological invariants of symplectic manifolds"
  • Hugh Bray, "On the mass of higher dimensional black holes"
  • Alice Chang, "Conformally invariant operators and the Gauss-Bonnet integrand"
  • Xiuxiong Chen,"The space of Kähler metrics"
  • George Daskalopoulos,"On the Yang-Mills flow in higher dimensions"
  • Alex Eskin, "Billiards and lattices"
  • Juha Heinonen, "On the existence of quasiregular mappings"

2003 at Duke University:

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