Local Documentation
Duke Math

There is a great file that is stored locally on the Math network that includes help files for most of the packages installed on the system. It is located at /usr/local/teTeX/texmf/doc/helpindex.html. Clicking on the link below from a Math department computer will bring  you there. Clicking on this remotely may give you an error.

The Templates Binder

There is a binder in Room 250 which contains hard copies of all the template and sample files that were prepared for the graduate seminar we gave on February 26, 1999.  For the table of contents, click here.

The Documentation Binder

There is another binder in Room 250 which contains hard copies of many basic user guides and sample files that are available for the whole TeX community.  For the table of contents, click here.  Many of these are hard copies of files that are available on the Duke Math teTeX Help Index page.

Duke Thesis Style and Letterhead

On the Duke acpub system there is a directory which contains a couple of useful files.  Among them are the university approved M.S. and Ph.D. style files.  These contain the information you need for LaTeXing your thesis.  All LaTeXed theses must conform to the university's style specifications. There is also the Duke letterhead style file which produces letterhead with the Duke emblem.  To access these files you need to logon to the acpub system (godzilla.acpub.duke.edu) and go to the /afs/acpub.duke.edu/pkg/tex-3.141592/share/duke directory.

If you use Netscape, then type

in the Location: bar and replace username with, surprisingly, your acpub username.
You will be prompted for your acpub password.

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