Getting TeX for your Home Computer

Windows 95/98/NT

If you would like to use TeX or LaTeX on your home PC running Windows 95/98/NT, then you should consider using MiKTeX. (ed. note: This is the version that I use on my Windows machine and I have had NO trouble with it. It was very easy to download, install and configure. Michael)

The MiKTeX Project Page is the starting point for using MiKTeX. (Incidentally, the link below points to the download section of the project page.  You can also download MiKTeX from CTAN.)

You should begin by downloading the distribution. I use the complete distribution (complete.exe) which is roughly 17 MB.

Windows 3.1

I have used EmTeX on an old 486DX running Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 6. It was really easy to install and gave with a neat graphical interface. From the EmTeX GI home page you can access all the files necessary to install EmTeX and the graphical interface.

EmTeX GI Home Page
EmTeX User's Manual


A version of TeX / LaTeX that is available for the Mac is OzTeX. (ed. note: This is what Laura uses on her machine at home.) If you would like information about OzTeX, including the distribution and documentation, please refer to the OzTeX Page.

OzTeX Project Page
OzTeX Distribution Download
OzTeX User's Guide

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