Some comments by 2016 SWiMmers

  • SWIM was AMAZING! I learned so much and am now so exicted for mathematics in college. Thank you so much!
  • I really loved this program! Thank you so much for providing this opportunity! I wasn't thinking about applying to Duke at first, but now I do. It was super fun bonding with the girls.
  • This program was really fun and I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would!
  • The TA's were great and very helpful! Thank you so much for this opportunity.
  • I really enjoyed this program. I am so happy I was able to participate. Thank you so mcuh.
  • I really, really enjoyed this program. I found it to be really informative.
  • It was a great program and I am so happy I got the chance to come. Thank you!
  • This program was really great and informative. It was pretty well organized and the TA's really helped us SWIMmers to adjust to this new experience. Everyone got along really great and I would promote this program to anyone.
  • I loved this camp and hope it continues for years to come!
  • I like SWIM. Thank you all!!
  • It was an awesome program and I am so glad that I got to be here.
  • I hope this program continues!
  • Thank you for such a lovely 10 days.

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To Anonymous Sponsor by 2016 SWiMmers

  • Mr./Mrs. Anonymous,
    Over the past seven days I have experienced both aspects of what it is like to be a student at the Duke campus, and also a Mathematics Major. Being a young woman interested STEM I have been a minority within my courses of interest. This at times has hindered my confidence in my capability to strive towards more advanced math and science courses. However, the SWIM 2016 opportunity has brought to my attention that it does not matter if I am in the minority or the majority. In the end it is just numbers, and I am the one who must seek aid, education, and knowledge for myself, not the boy(or girl) sitting next to me. I would personally like to display my gratitude in your funding for this program. This is an amazing opportunity for rising senior young women to experience college life and the grand field of mathematics. Without the financial assistance I would not have gotten the chance to attend this eye-opening workshop. I hope this camp is able to further influence young women to pursue opportunities in STEM throughout the following years. Once again, thank you very much.
    Madison Hirchag
  • Dear Anonymous Donor,
    Let me begin by giving you my utmost thank you for providing the necessary means to create the Duke Summer Workshop in Mathematics! Even though we are only on the second day of this camp (I just wanted to make sure I did not forget this email), I wanted to express my gratitude. There are not many programs that are specifically related to certain subjects, especially one in mathematics. Mathematics is incredibly important for my future field of study- animal science. I have learned so much about both myself this week and math! There are so many different types of applications that math has to life, like in biology and in real life situations. I will pull the things I have learned this week and a half for every new thing and situation I encounter in the future. The ability to participate in this spectacular program will hopefully open more doors for my academic future when applying to classes and also helping me transition into the new environment of college. Again, thank you so much for the ability to have such an amazing opportunity for women in such a male dominated field. This summer program has helped me feel much more comfortable in sharing my ideas with peers, and I wish to use these skills when participating in college discussions. I hope that I will see this program in many years to come so I can recommend it to friends.
    Shannon Collins

Some presentations by 2016 SWIMmers

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