What is SWiM?

SWiM (Summer Workshop in Math) is a 9-day workshop for rising senior high school students who are interested in mathematics, with a particular focus on advancing female participation in math. All students currently in their junior year of high school located in the US and Canada are eligible to apply. Females and others committed to female participation in math are encouraged to apply.

Participants in the workshop will attend two mathematical courses, and in the afternoon work in groups on an exploration topic related to a course of their choice.

Throughout the workshop students will meet undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty of the Department of Mathematics at Duke University.

Who would we like to welcome at SWiM?

Do you enjoy figuring out logical puzzles?

Do you love the moment where you finally, really understand a mathematically tricky point?

Do you wonder whether there is still new mathematics being constructed/discovered?

If you would answer yes to some of these questions, please consider applying to SWiM! (Even if you haven't had calculus yet -- we promise you won't need it at SWiM)

Group photo: SWIM 2018 staff and participants

Where is SWiM 2019 happening?

SWiM 2019 will take place at the Department of Mathematics at Duke University, Durham, NC 27278.

Workshop participants will be housed in one of the Duke campus housings (chaperoned by female undergraduates), and thus get a glimpse of life as a Duke undergrad.

All SWiM 2019 activities will be eiher at Gross Hall or at Physics Building at Duke West campus.

What will you get out of SWiM?

You will meet other young women passionate about mathematics.

You will get a first taste of what it is like to take a math course at university.

You will have a glimpse of how math is studied beyond high school.

How much will SWiM cost you?

Every participant will receive full support for travel and accommodation, to any reasonable extent.

Apply to SWiM 2019

We are now accepting applications for the SWiM 2019 program. To apply, click the link above and follow the intruction carefully.

To complete the application, you will need to do some mathematical thinking -- so please download the Application Problems early to give yourself some time.

Completed applications will be due on February 15 of 2019.