Application to SWiM 2018

We strongly encourage for you to apply for SWiM2018 via online link below. Please do all (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5)

(1) Please fill out Participant Agreement (4 pages), HIPAA (1 page), Media Permission Slip (1 page) and have them signed by you and your parents, and upload them to the link.

(2) Upload your Transcript to the link.

(3) Please also ask your mathematics (or possibly another science) teacher to write a letter of recommendation for you and have them directly upload your letter to the site. For this, you will have to submit the recommender's email address to the link. Please follow the direction given in the link.

(4) Upload your all or partial solutions for the Application Problems (in the section below) to the link. These don't have to be complete solutions: well-explained partial solutions will also receive partial credit.

(5) Upload your Cover Letter of one page stating why you are interested in SWIM and what aspects of mathematics are fascinating to you. Moreover, in your cover letter, you must sign the following pledge I pledge on my honor that I have solved the application problems on my own without help of others, books, calculators, internet or other sources .


If you wish to mail your application, please send it to Kathy Peterson via the following postal address:
Duke University
Campus Box 90984
Durham, NC 27708
postmarked by February 1 of 2018.

Application Problems

There are three application problems followed by guidelines. As a guide to the sort of submission we are looking for, we also provide a sample problem in the problem list and sample solutions in the link below.

You are not allowed to use the help of others, books, caculators, the internet or any other resources to solve the application problems.