Duke University Mathematics Department

Undergraduate Travel Reimbursements

Duke math majors who present a Math paper at a nationally recognized mathematics meeting or conference may apply for travel support from the Duke Mathematics Department. Reimbursable expenses include meals up to $25 per day, lodging, and airfare. The maximum reimbursement for an academic year is $600.

Students should fill out an application and send it to Professor David Kraines, Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708, preferably one month before the conference and in no case later than 10 days prior to the meeting.

After returning to Duke, you will need to: submit a copy of a letter of invitation to the meetings, a letter of acceptance to present a paper or an e-mail message accepting you as a presenter. Include a copy of the program page on which you are listed. Complete a Travel Expense Voucher (available in room 117 Physics) with the original receipts of reimbursable expenses. Give all of this information to Ms. Carolyn Sessoms.

Please e-mail Professor David Kraines for more information.

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